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Table 2 Example of PEP-QC output

From: An integrated computational pipeline and database to support whole-genome sequence annotation

Peptide position SPTRREAL position Discrepancy description
M1 M1..E88 Amino-terminal insertion: Q960X8 contains an additional stretch of 88 amino acids
CG2903-PB Q960X8  
M163 K163 Internal substitution of one amino acid
CG2903-PB Q960X8  
G1533..D1537 P1580..Q1589 Carboxy-terminal replacement of five amino acids with 10 amino acids
CG2903-PB Q960X8  
  1. For each discrepancy we show the sequence affected and the position on the sequence for both Gadfly and SWISS-PROT peptides. The peptide sequence identifiers are in bold.