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Table 7 Comparison against the literature

From: Supervised clustering of genes

  Leukemia Breast Prostate Colon SRBCT Lymphoma Brain NCI*
Supervised clustering 1.39% 0.00% 4.90% 16.13% 0.00% 0.00% 11.90% 26.50%
Literature 1.39% 5.26% 9.80% 9.68% 0.00% ? 16.67% 35%
  1. Best leave-one-out cross validation error-rates from our supervised clustering procedure compared to best reported results from the literature where directly comparable, references are given in the main text. *The mean error-rate on the NCI data is based on random divisions into training and test set, and compared against the median error-rate obtained under the same framework in [16].