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Table 2 Ordering of 2 homologous gene carrying BACs by blasting with a single gene, Mouse lrd

From: Assembling and gap filling of unordered genome sequences through gene checking

cDNAs and Acc. No Length (bp) Exon sequences homologous to BACs sequences (bp) Acc. No., length (bp) and ordering of BACs (denoted by first as 1,Second as 2, and so on) Chromosome$
Mouse lrd (AF183144) 14088 (5459-7701) AC023413, 132649bp(1) 17
   (4015-12515) AC016182, 173180bp (2)  
Mouse lrd (AF183144) 14088 (3637-7701) AC005701, 197455bp (1) 17
   (7709-12714) AC005209, 184130bp (2)  
   (13189-13602) AC005410, 139049bp (3)  
  1. $ Chromosome assignments are according to release of BAC sequences from genome centers.