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Table 1 Properties of human BIRPs

From: Inhibitor of apoptosis proteins and their relatives: IAPs and other BIRPs

Human BIRPs and Size (kDa) Map position Expression of mRNA Diseases associated with References
alternative names   of gene   chromosomal rearrangements,  
     gene amplification or deletion  
XIAP/MIHA/ 57 Xq25 Detected in all adult tissues examined   [5,6,7,9,12]
cIAP-1/MIHB/ 70 11q22-q23 Detected in all adult tissues examined,   [3,5,6,7,13]
HIAP2/BIRC2    with highest levels in thymus, testis   
    and ovary   
cIAP-2/MIHC/ 68 11q22-q23 Detected in all adult tissues examined, In marginal zone cell lymphomas of [3,5,6,7,13]
HIAP1/BIRC3    with highest levels in spleen and the mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue,  
    thymus API2, the gene encoding cIAP-2, is often  
     rearranged together with the novel gene  
     MLT at 18q21 resulting in an API2-MLT  
LIVIN/ML-IAP/ 31 20q13.3 Detected in embryonic tissue The region is frequently amplified in [14,15,16]
KIAP/BIRC7    and some adult tissues. melanomas, colon, lung and colorectal  
    Elevated levels in cancer cell malignancies  
    lines, particularly melanoma cell lines   
NAIP/BIRC1 156 5q13.1 Detected only in liver and placenta Deletions of the NAIP genes often occur [5,20]
(6 genes)    by northern blot analysis but was in individuals with spinal muscular atrophy  
    detected in spinal cord mRNA by but deletions in the nearby gene SMN are  
    RT-PCR the most likely cause of disease  
Survivin/BIRC5 17 17q25 Cell-cycle-dependent expression,   [21,26,27,28]
    restricted to tissues in which there are   
    dividing cells; for example, embryonic   
    tissue, solid tumors and transformed   
    cell lines. Expression is absent from   
    most normal adult tissue   
BRUCE/BIRC6 528 2p21-p22 Expression of mRNA is detectable in   [22]
    most adult tissues, with high levels in   
    brain and kidney