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Table 1 Summary of previously characterized genes disrupted by gene trap mutagenesis

From: Gene trapping identifies transiently induced survival genes during programmed cell death

Gene for Type of protein Function Accession number
Net1A GEF for Rho-family GTPases DH-domain containing oncogene AJ010045
PEM2 GEF for Rho-family GTPases DH-domain containing oncogene AJ250425
PIP5K type Iβ Serine-threonine phosphokinase Cell survival NM_008847
PIP5K type Iγ /Tjp3 Serine-threonine phosphokinase Cell survival AB006916
p38-G4 DNA-binding protein Cell cycle regulated protein associated with proliferation X84789
YB-1 Transcription factor Represses Fas transcription, activates MDR1 transcription M60419
IL-12 receptor Cytokine receptor Inhibits Fas/FasL signal transduction NM_008353
VMAT-2 Vesicular monoamine transporter Sequesters neuro-toxins in synaptic vesicles L23205
AlkB Enzyme Protects DNA against alkylation NM_006020
Rec8 Enzyme DNA double-strand break repair AF006264
Mre11/Rad50 Enzyme DNA double-strand break repair NM_009012
ICAM-4 Cell-surface molecule Mediates intercellular adhesion AF296282
Nitrilase Enzyme Nitrogen metabolism, tumor suppression NM_012049
Myosin I-β Structural Cell mobility AY007255
Hexokinase Enzyme Glycolysis JO5277