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Table 1 Chromosomal localizations of FGFs in human and mouse

From: Fibroblast growth factors

Human Mouse References Accession numbers
Gene Location Gene Location   Human Mouse
FGF1 5q31 Fgf1 18 [82,83] X65778, E03692, E04557 U67610, M30641
FGF2 4q26-27 Fgf2 3A2-B [84,85] E05628, M27968 M30644, AF065903, AF065904, AF065905
FGF3 11q13 Fgf3 7F [86,87,88] X14445 Y00848
FGF4 11q13.3 Fgf4 7F [87,89] E03343 M30642
FGF5 4q21 Fgf5 5E1-F [85,90] M37825 M30643
FGF6 12p13 Fgf6 6F3-G1 [91,92] X63454 M92416
FGF7 15q15-21.1 Fgf7 2F-G [93,94] M60828 Z22703
FGF8 10q24 Fgf8 19C3-D [54,95] U36223, U56978 Z48746
FGF9 13q11-q12 Fgf9 14D [81,96,97] D14838 U33535, D38258
FGF10 5p12-p13 Fgf10 13A3-A4 [98,99] AB002097 D89080
FGF11 17p13.1 Fgf11 - [100] U66199 U66203
FGF12 3q28 Fgf12 16B1-B3 [31,100,101,102] U66197 U66201
FGF13 Xq26 Fgf13 X [31,76,103] U66198 U66202, AF020737
FGF14 13q34 Fgf14 14 [31] U66200 U66204
-   Fgf15* 7F (N.I., unpublished observations)   AF007268
FGF16 - Fgf16 -   AB009391 AB049219
FGF17 8p21 Fgf17 14 [104] AB009249 AB009250
FGF18 5q34 Fgf18 - [105] AB007422, AF075292 AB004639, AF075291
FGF19 * 11q13.1 -   [106] AB018122, AF110400  
FGF20 8p21.3-p22 Fgf20 - [27,107] AB030648, AB044277 AB049218
FGF21 19q13.1-qter Fgf21 - [108] AB021975 AB025718
FGF22 19p13.3 Fgf22 - [109] AB021925 AB036765
FGF23 12p13.3 Fgf23 6F3-G1 [7,75] (N.I., unpublished) AB037973, AF263537 AB037889, AF263536
  1. *Human FGF19 and mouse Fgf15 may be orthologous genes.