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Table 5b Additional information

From: Survey of transcripts in the adult Drosophila brain

Accession number EST hit? Predicted gene? AAATAA/Poly(A) spacing Splicing detected? Expression detected in Insert size Comments
AF171819 NO NO 37   Body 145  
AF171858 NO NO 18   Body 186  
AF171764 NO NO 280   Both 450  
AF171805 NO NO 25   Both 259  
AF171789 NO NO 134   Brain 857  
AF171794 NO NO 45   Brain 610  
AF171800 NO NO Not present   Brain 190  
AF171808 NO NO 23   Brain 269  
AF171815 NO NO 12   Brain 363  
AF171854 NO NO 52 Spliced, consensus Brain 195 Extensive poly(A) tail (146 nucleotides)
AF171813 NO NO Not present   Neither 216 Extensive poly(A) tail (>42 nucleotides)
AF171821 NO NO Not present Spliced, consensus Neither 359  
AF171828 NO NO Not present   Neither 189  
AF171838 NO NO 18   Neither 430  
AF171850 NO NO 13   Neither 1104  
AF171859 NO NO 18   Neither 1786  
AF171865 NO NO Not present   Neither 452  
  1. Additional information concerning clones that lack EST data and that are not predicted to be transcribed (Novel cDNA). The GenBank accession number for each of the 17 clones is indicated. The distance between a putative poly(A) addition sequence (AAATAAA), when present, and the poly(A) sequence is shown. 'Splicing detected?' indicates the two cDNA clones showing evidence for consensus splicing. 'Expression detected' refers to each clone's hybridization results when probed with radiolabeled cDNA from brain or body (see Table 6). 'Insert size', size of the cDNA insert; 'comments', additional comments for the identified clone. None of the 17 cDNA is predicted to encode a protein larger than 100 amino acids.