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Table 4 Brain cDNA clones matched with previously reported Drosophila genes

From: Survey of transcripts in the adult Drosophila brain

Gene Accession number Location Reference
Frequenin gene AF171701 CNS and PNS of adults and embryos [45]
Ferritin subunit 1 gene AF171703 Fat body and gut of larvae, present in all stages and increased with iron supplementation [46]
Tyrosine kinase gene AF171705 Not specified -
Glutamine synthase gene AF171706 Mitochondrial  
Rab-related protein 4 gene AF171708 Endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi (rats expression highest in brain) [47,48]
S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase gene AF171712 Polyamine synthesis, presumably in every cell, highest in 24 and 48 h larvae [49]
Twinstar gene AF171714 Male germ line and larvae throughout development [50,51]
CCATT box transmembrane domain gene AF171715 Not specified -
Geranylgeranyl transferase gene AF171718 Not specified -
ADP-robosylation factor class II gene AF171722 Uniformly distributed ubiquitous in all adult body segments [52,53]
Virus-like particle AF171727 Long gland and ovipositor in adults [54]
Rot gene AF171731 Not specified -
DNA-binding protein erect wing AF171732 Throughout embryonic development and enriched in adult head [55]
Membrane-associated protein gene AF171736 Uniform in embryonic development [56]
BBC-1 gene AF171739 Not specified -
Vimar gene AF171743 Midgut and hindgut, visceral mesoderm, CNS, and PNS in embryos [57]
Metallothionein gene AF171741 Alimentary canal and lower in other tissues of larvae [58]
Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor gene AF171702 Brain and CNS predominantly in late embryos and adult head [59,60,61]
Burdock retrotransposon gag protein gene AF171716 Not specified -
Transposable element to copia mgd3 retroposon AF171724 Varies with Drosophila populations [62,63]
Heat-shock gene hsp 27 AF171728 CNS, sperm, and oocytes, present in all stages, highest in white prepupae [64,65]
Alpha 1,2 mannosidase gene AF171730 Embryonic PNS, adult eye, and wing [66]
GTP cyclohydrolase I AF171733 Embryo nuclear, adult eye and head [67,68]
Teashirt gene AF171735 Epidermis and mesoderm during development [69]
49 kD phosphoprotein AF171737 Photoreceptors [70]
Alcohol dehydrogenase related gene AF171740 Not specified -
Vacuolar-ATPase gene AF171742 Uniform expression in all stages [71]
Micropia-Dm11 3' flanking DNA AF171746 Not specified -
RM62 RNA helicase AF171749 Not specified -
ADP/ATP translocase AF171704 Not specified -
Ubiquitin protein gene AF171707 Tissue-general, all life stages [72]
Calmodulin gene AF171711 CNS and mushroom bodies of adults [73]
TRIP-1 homolog gene AF171713 Not specified -
Bnb gene for development AF171729 Mesectoderm and presumptive epidermis, after dorsal closure periphery of nervous system including glia that may establish longitudinal neuropile scaffolding, embryonic CNS [74]
B(2)gcn gene AF171754 Not specified -
Diacylglycerol kinase gene AF171720 Eye-specific in adult nervous system, muscles, compound eye, [75,76]
  AF171721 brain cortex, fibrillar muscle, and tubular muscle  
Gene from heat-shock locus 93D AF171760 Constitutive monitoring the 'health' of translation machinery, presumably in every cell [77,78]
Cytochrome c oxidase gene AF171709 Mitochondrial  
BM40 gene AF171872 Not specified -
Histone H3.3 gene AF171745 Gonads and somatic tissue, uniform distribution in polytene chromosomes [79,80]
Acetylcholine receptor-related protein AF171747 CNS [81]
Hu-li tai shao gene AF171750 Ovarian ring canal [82]
Laminin receptor gene AF171753 Neural tissue [83]
eIF-2 alpha-subunit AF171758 Expressed throughout embryos, and CNS in later stages [84,85]
Gerceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase-2 gene AF171757 Evenly distributed, expressed in all stages [86]
CNS-specific Noe gene AF171772 CNS [87]
Medea-B gene AF171807 Not specified -
Phospholipase C norpA gene AF171840 Retina and body of adults [88]
Recq helicase 5 gene AF171784 DNA repair, recombination, and replication [89]
  1. Each previously identified gene is listed with its accession number from the Drosophila brain study. Location information is as reported by the indicated reference.