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Table 2 GenBank accession numbers of all sequenced clones

From: Survey of transcripts in the adult Drosophila brain

Clone category GenBank accession number Total
Novel sequences only matched to genomic data AF171764, AF171789, AF171794, AF171800, AF171805, AF171808, AF171813, AF171815, AF171819, AF171821, AF171828, AF171838, AF171850, AF171854, AF171858, AF171859, AF171865. 17
Matched with an EST, but NOT a predicted gene AF171766, AF171772, AF171779, AF171780, AF171781, AF171782, AF171785, AF171787, AF171796, AF171797, AF171804, AF171811, AF171818, AF171826, AF171829, AF171837, AF171839, AF171840, AF171845, AF171848, AF171857, AF171860, AF171862, AF171863, AF171869. 25
Matched with a predicted gene, but NOT an EST AF171867, AF171768, AF171778, AF171762, AF171790, AF171799, AF171771, AF171803, AF171812, AF171832, AF171861, AF171868. 12
Matched with an EST and a predicted gene AF171761, AF171762, AF171763, AF171765, AF171767, AF171769, AF171770, AF171773, AF171774, AF171775, AF171776, AF171777, AF171784, AF171786, AF171788, AF171791, AF171792, AF171793, AF171795, AF171798, AF171801, AF171802, AF171806, AF171807, AF171809, AF171810, AF171814, AF171816, AF171817, AF171820, AF171822, AF171823, AF171824, AF171825, AF171827, AF171830, AF171831, AF171833, AF171834, AF171835, AF171836, AF171841, AF171842, AF171843, AF171844, AF171846, AF171847, AF171849, AF171851, AF171852, AF171853, AF171855, AF171856, AF171864, AF171866, AF171870, AF171871, AF171872, AF179229, AF179230. 60
Matched isolog AF083295-AF08321. 27
Matched isolog ribosomal protein sequences AF083272, AF083275-AF083279, AF083281, AF083286- AF083294. 16
Known Drosophila ribosomal protein sequences AF083513-AF083522, AF083524-AF083526, AF083528, AF083530, AF083531, AF083537, AF083538, AF083544-AF083548. 23
Known Drosophila sequences AF083504-AF083512, AF171701-AF171743, AF171745-AF171760, AF171784, AF171807, AF171872. 71
  1. Sequences classified as 'novel' represent new EST sequence data from D.melanogaster (as of 10 October, 2000)and are not homologous to any EST or cDNA sequence in GenBank. These 17 novel sequences are not predicted to be transcribed, and are described in more detail in Table 5b. Sequences classified as 'matched with an EST' correspond to known EST sequence data, but do not have a corresponding predicted gene. Sequences classified as 'matched with a predicted gene' correspond to those that are predicted genes, but do not have corresponding EST data. Sequences classified as 'matched with an EST and a predicted gene' have both EST and predicted gene matches. Sequences classified as 'matched isologs' are sequences that are homologous to genes found in other organisms. Sequences classified as 'matched isolog ribosomal protein' are sequences that are homologous to ribosomal protein genes found in other organisms. Sequences classified as 'known Drosophila ribosomal protein sequences' are matched with sequences previously reported to GenBank. Sequences classified as 'known Drosophila' are sequences that have been previously reported to databases (AF083507 and AF083508 correspond to clone 159; AF083509 and AF083510 correspond to clone 226).