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Figure 3

From: Higher plant glycosyltransferases

Figure 3

Phylogenetic analysis of the Arabidopsis UGT superfamily. Neighbor-joining and parsimony-based analysis of nine conserved amino acid sequences shown in Figure 4 was performed as described previously [7]. Bootstrap values over 60% are indicated above the nodes, with the number on the left indicating neighbor-joining and that on the right indicating parsimony. Dashes indicate bootstrap values under 60%. Further refinement of more closely related sequences has been shown in the equivalent analysis of 88 Arabidopsis UGTs [7]. Hypothetical intron gains and losses are indicated by diamonds with the intron number (I) shown (see Figure 4). Postulated intron gains are indicated by filled diamonds, intron losses by unfilled diamonds and the questionable intron loss by a striped diamond.

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