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Table 1 Concordance data between an Affymetrix 11MuK microarray and RT-PCR

From: Microarray data analysis: a practical approach for selecting differentially expressed genes

  1. Through the coloring scheme, one can see that validation (confirmation by RT-PCR of the direction of fold change determined by microarray) of low rank value genes is not achieved; however as the rank value increases, concordance increases (red = genes with no concordance across the 3 diets; blue = genes with either one or two measurements in agreement; green = genes that have 100% concordance). Overall concordance with the 5% fold change model was 73%, which includes measurements found both significant and non-significant by microarray analysis. Numbers underlined indicate the HFC that resulted in this gene being selected as significantly different (70% concordance with RT-PCR results). Starred-numbers indicate significant fold changes, determined by a student's T-test, in RT-PCR (80% concordance).