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Table 1 F-box proteins in the yeast, nematode, and human genomes

From: The F-box protein family

Additional motifs S. cerevisiae C. elegans Human
WD repeats 2 3 5
  Cdc4 LIN-23 FBXW1 (ß-TrCP)
  Met30 SEL-10 FBXW1B (ß-TrCP2/HOS)
   T01E8.4 FBXW2
Leucine-rich 2 3 10
repeats Grr1 C02F5.7 FBXL1 (SKP2)
  YOR080w F48E8.7 FBXL2
   F58E1.8 FBXL3A
    FBXL4 - FBXL7
FTH / DUF38 0 135 0
PfamB 45 0 56 0
Other/none 7 129 21
  El1a   FBXO1 (cyclin F)
  YNL311c   FBXO2 (NFB42)
  YML088w   FBXO3 - FBXO12*
  YLR368w   FBXO20 - FBXO26*
  YDR219c   FBXO29
  YJL149w   Elongin A
Total 11 326 36
  1. The proteins in this table were obtained from the European Bioinformatics Institute InterPro Project [29] with additional entries (20 for C. elegans and 3 for humans) discovered through database analysis by ETK. *This is the first report of FBXW6, FBXO12, and FBXO26 as F-box proteins. They were identified by database search and correspond to the GenBank [31] entries FLJ11071 (accession number NM_018315.1), FLJ20188 (accession number NM_017703), and KIAA1195/muscle disease-related protein (accession number AB033021/AF204674), respectively. FBXO12 is the apparent ortholog of murine fbxo12. Missing numbers in the human FBX gene series have been given to mouse genes for which the human orthologs have not (yet) been identified. The very large number of C. elegans proteins in these categories are listed in Additional data file 1.