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Table 1 Homologous Rab proteins in four eukaryotic genomes

From: Membrane traffic between genomes

S. cerevisiae [4] S. pombe C. elegans D. melanogaster
Ypt1p Ypt1 (S10025) Rab1 (AAC692) AAF55873
Sec4p Ypt2 (S12790) Rab8 (AAC78494) AAF49101, AAF56345
Ypt31p, Ypt32p Ypt3 (S10026) Rab11 (AAB54158, CAB07678) AAF55850
Vps21p, Ypt52p, Ypt53p Ypt5 (CAB11737) Rab5 (CAB04205) AAF51265, AAF47018
Ypt6p Ryh1 (CAA36715) Rab6 (P34213, AAC69020) AAF53168
Ypt7p Ypt7 (CAB38603) Rab7 (CAA91357) AAF56218
  Ypt4 (CAB11239)   
   Rab2 (AAB52431, CAB07357) AAF57381
   Rab3 (AAB16980) AAF58762
    Rab9 (AAF53798)
   Rab10 (AAC48203) AAF50924
    Rab4 (AAF57831)
   Rab14 (CAB01884) AAF53390
   Rab18 (AAF60884) AAF46057
   Rab19 (CAB60605) AAF50452
   Rab21 (CAA91296) AAF45341
    Rab23 (AAF51970)
   Rab26 (AAB52888) AAF51708
   Rab27 (CAB54484) AAF45634, AAF45635
   Rab30 (CAA21489) AAF52477
    Rab32 (AAF58970)
   Rab 33 (Q20365)  
    Rab35 (AAF45371)
   RabX (CAA87774) AAF46271
  1. C. elegans and D. melanogaster proteins are named according to their close mammalian homologs. (RabX has no clear mammalian homolog at present.) Numbers shown in parentheses after gene names are GenBank accession numbers.